I hold a Diploma as a Western Clinical Herbalist after studying with Medical Herbalist Diane Kent and at The Institute of Traditional Medicine in Ontario. I am a Registered Herbalist with The Ontario Herbalist’s Association, meeting their standards for both theoretical knowledge and clinical experience.

I was a Chef and Community Mental Health Worker within the past decade and often find healthy meal planning and recipe sharing included in the treatment plans I create for clients.

I am currently based on Vancouver Island, where I live with my small family and I enjoy helping us become more natural everyday with our food, wellness and lifestyle choices.

I was born and raised a city girl in Toronto where the pace and stresses of achievement led to burnout. In studying wellness and practicing herbalism I have gained the tools to support my vitality, a gift of immeasurable value.

In our session you can expect a down-to-earth and kind practitioner with realistic strategies that challenge you to take back the reins of your healthcare. I create empowered relationships with clients that encourage their personal growth and knowledge of herbal medicine. It is my hope that through our engagement you will improve your wellness as well as be better equipped to self-treat in the future.

I look forward to working with you!